How well do you know "The Office"?

There are many tv shows on television. But there is one show that is the best of them all... THE OFFICE! It is a show sent in an office. It is hilarious and entertaining.

Do you watch The Office? How well do you know the show? Test your The Office trivia. Until now you could only wonder. but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Emily
  1. Who has a bobble head of him/herself on his/her desk?
  2. Who has a crush on Dwight?
  3. What lady in the office loves liquor?
  4. What season just finished in May?
  5. When Dwight quit his job... what store did Dwight then go to work at?
  6. Who was Pam engaged to before she called off the wedding?
  7. In the last episode of the season in May 2007 (this year)who got the job in New York?
  8. In the Scranton office, Michael is the regional manager, who is the true second in command?
  9. There is a relationship in the office where one person loves the other... but the other does not like him/her back... who is this couple?
  10. Who is the perky, annoying, shopping lover in The Office?
  11. Who punched a hole in the wall in The Office?
  12. Who is the receptionist/secretary in The Office?
  13. Who is the "assistant regional manager" in The Office?
  14. What day is The Office on?
  15. What channel is The Office on?
  16. Who is Michael going out with?
  17. Which one of The Office characters is gay?
  18. What is the office they work at called?
  19. Which The Office character is a volunteer sheriff on the weekend?
  20. Which character sucks up to Michael?
  21. In the Beach games, Michael made up a survivor game. One of the events is where you had to walk through fire... who did?
  22. At the Dundies... Michael gave Pam an award for...
  23. At the Dundies... Michael gave Pam an award for...
  24. Michael's favorite restaurant...
  25. On the day where Michael celebrated everyone's race... which character got the label on his head... BLACK.
  26. The Final The Office question... where is Dunder Mifflin located?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "The Office"?