NBC's "The Office" Official Knowledge Test

Many people like The Office, but it takes a special person to be a "true fan." It means being attentive to details, following the show and having a true interest in it!

Are you interested in finding out whether or not you're a "true fan"? Take the NBC's "The Office" Official Knowledge Test to find out! Only the most knowledgeable fans will score highly on this test!

Created by: Justin

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  1. In "The Carpet," a flyer on the refrigerator in the kitchen advertises which local food establishment?
  2. In "The Carpet," Dwight is shown repeatedly calling which local radio station?
  3. In "Christmas Party," how many bottles of vodka did Michael buy?
  4. In "Women's Appreciation," Angela mentions which of the following stores?
  5. In "Product Recall," what school do Jim and Andy visit?
  6. What is Pam's middle initial?
  7. As of "Goodbye, Toby," all of the following are employed at the corporate office EXCEPT:
  8. In "The Carpet," who defecates on the carpet in Michael's office?
  9. Which of the following colors most closely matches the color of Dwight's car?
  10. In "The Client," Michael and Jan meet with Christian at which of the following locations?
  11. In "Valentine's Day," all of the following people are present at the financial presentation meeting EXCEPT:
  12. In "The Dundies," who gets drunk and is no longer welcome at any Chili's restaurant?
  13. As of "Boys and Girls," all of the following are branches of Dunder Mifflin EXCEPT:
  14. Where does Michael's mother live?
  15. In "The Dundies," Michael acts as which character?
  16. Which pizza establishment do the employees prefer?
  17. In "Drug Testing," Michael fears that there might be traces of drugs in his body because...
  18. Who enjoys watching Battlestar Galactica?
  19. What is the name of Michael's Improv teacher?
  20. In "Email Surveillance," what does Jim have on his desk at home that Phyllis gave him?
  21. Dunder Mifflin Scranton occupies which suite in the Scranton Business Park building shown throughout the show?
  22. In "Branch Closing," who leaves Dunder Mifflin for a senior executive position at Staples?
  23. In "Women's Appreciation," Michael tells each of the women to purchase one item "on [him]." Who runs in first?
  24. Who went to Bishop O'Hara High School?
  25. In Season 3, what type of car does Jim drive?
  26. What does Michael make with his Foreman Grill in the morning?
  27. Jim finds which of the following things in his desk on Spring Cleaning Day?
  28. In "Valentine's Day," Michael visits which food establishment first when he arrives in NY?
  29. In "Health Care" Jim mentions which of the following TV shows?
  30. In "Health Care," who says that they consider their position at Dunder Mifflin a job, not a career?
  31. In "Christmas Party," who buys small lights rather than large ones and therefore disappoints Michael?
  32. All of the following people were present at Jan's wrongful termination deposition EXCEPT:
  33. In "The Convict," it is revealed that one of employees is an ex-criminal?
  34. What is Roy's brother's name?
  35. Which of the following employees filed a complaint about being a working mother and then quit?
  36. In "Performance Review," it is revealed that which of the following employees committed suicide?
  37. Who does Michael refer to as "Pudge" at various times throughout the show?
  38. Who is Holly Flax?
  39. ANSWER HONESTLY: How often do you watch The Office?
  40. ANSWER HONESTLY: What is the approximate dollar value of all your The Office merchandise (t-shirts, DVDs, toys, mugs, etc)?

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