Choregus Office Quiz

Think you know about the serviced office industry? Think you know your MLS from your MWB? Well prove your worth today with the mighty Choregus Office News Quiz!

Are you a part of the serviced industry. If so, then you will love the mighty Choregus Office News quiz, packed full of questions that YOU should be able to answer.

Created by: Simon Rattray
  1. What year was Regus formed?
  2. Andrew Coombs was general manager at which company?
  3. Mark Dixon is from which County?
  4. What is the most prominent name for a serviced office in the US?
  5. Where is the Regus Head Office?
  6. How much were office in the MLS's 2008 promotion?
  7. Where were the Business Centre Association Awards 2008?
  8. Who is the CEO of MWB?
  9. Who is the boss of the BCA?
  10. Is Choregus the best office blog on the web?

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