Driving Theory Test

This is a quiz based on the UK Driving Theory Test. Take this test to find out if you are ready to apply for the official test - or take it just for fun to find out how much you know.

Most people don't know enought through their general knowledge or commonsense to pass the official theory test. You will have had to do some work, either by reading up using the theory test book or using a cd with questions

Created by: nick of wanadrive
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  1. Why should you wear suitable shoes when driving?
  2. You break down on an ordinary road. You should display your warning triangle
  3. You are about to reverse into a side street. A pedestrian wishes to cross. You should
  4. Your vehicle pulls to one side when you break. This is probably because of:
  5. Which one is NOT affected by alcohol?
  6. You want to pull off from parked. The road is busy. you should
  7. Your doctor has prescribed a course of medicine. Why should you check if it's okay to drive?
  8. At traffic lights, amber on its own means
  9. Where would you expect traffic to pass you on either side
  10. You MUST NOT reverse

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