DCB's Christmas music quiz!

How much do you know about music theory? Test yourself with DCB's Christmas music quiz! Learning theory will help all aspects of your playing and will help greatly with composition and analysis. If you score badly, don't feel discouraged, see it as a challenge!

This quiz covers various aspects of theory, from popular to classical, and with questions of varying difficulty. Some of the questions are modified from the ABRS theory syllabus, grade 1-8.

Created by: David C. Bond
  1. A time signature determines:
  2. A G minor chord contains:
  3. A key signature determines:
  4. A guitar is normally shown on a:
  5. F major contains the following accidental/s:
  6. A perfect cadence is typically the following progression:
  7. A compound time signature is:
  8. An example of a compound time signature is:
  9. A standard blues scale contains:
  10. A Bb7 chord contains:
  11. A B# is enharmonically equivalent to:
  12. Concert pitch is:
  13. True or false, in the baroque era, instruments were tuned slightly flatter than today's pitch?
  14. The circle of 5ths is:
  15. A melodic minor scale (ascending), in comparison to a natural minor scale has:
  16. A guitar is normally tuned to (low to high):
  17. Which of the following notes is chromatic in the key of G minor
  18. Counterpoint could be described as:
  19. Sonata form is a structural device which normally features:
  20. The italian performance direction 'Andante con moto' means:
  21. Serialism is a device that uses:
  22. On the guitar, the harmonic on the 5th fret produces a note:
  23. True or false, our tuning system is acoustically out of tune?
  24. Semi-quaver (16th) triplets have X notes per crotchet (quarter) beat:
  25. Tablature is commonly used for:
  26. Rock came from blues, but blues came from?
  27. A waltz is typically in:
  28. A common jazz beat is:
  29. The Ionian mode is the same as:
  30. The French Augmented 6th chord contains:

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