how much do you know about guitar?

"Do you know your music theory". Do you think you are set" Music theory is extra curicular stuff and is almost like another math. Are you willing to take another math quiz?

This test will give you the basic music theory questions that when someone asks you one it should be a realeving questions to the other ones. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Austin

  1. if you know about inervals and music theory than what is the inerval beetween a and f?
  2. guess how many sharps or flats there are in a g major scale? If so, name the note or notes. [remember to guess if you dont know or if you do].
  3. the inerval beetween B and C and E and F is called what?
  4. when looking at clefs there are three types. One is treble clef, second is bass clef, and third is c clef. what is the difference in letters for them? The only difference is the first letter. then just go up the rest of the musical alfabet starting with that letter.
  5. What is the difference when turning major into something minor?
  6. what is the difference beetween the major scale and the minor scale?
  7. what are the most common inervals?
  8. how many modes are there?
  9. what is the mode that is the major scale?
  10. Enough of music theory. What is your favorite guitar company? There is a right and wrong answer!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about guitar?