How much music theory do you know?

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After rediscovering this website and remembering how much fun I had staying up until 11:30 at night finding out which Pokmon or Vampire Diaries character I was so many years ago, I decided to contribute to this site with one of my own fields of interest.

This quiz consists of basic music theory, regarding chords, scales, chord functions, and meters. This is just for the lols and perhaps and an encouragement to learn more about music theory. Have fun!

Created by: Looksharpstaysmart
  1. How many modes are there in music?
  2. In a major scale, between which scale degrees does a tritone occur?
  3. Which of these is considered an odd meter?
  4. What is it called when a composer borrows a chord from a key outside of the key he or she is composing in? (Ex: using an A Major chord in the key of D Minor.)
  5. What function does the iii chord serve?
  6. What are the strong beats in a measure of 6/8 time?
  7. Which of these is the most basic chord progression? (Numbers are Roman numerals. Capital letters indicate a major chord, while lowercase letters indicate a minor chord.)
  8. What is the purpose of a suspended 4 chord?
  9. What is another name for 4/4?
  10. What does 3/4 time usually indicate in a composition?
  11. Say you are in the key of B Major. What is the sixth scale degree?
  12. Which of these is considered a dissonant interval?
  13. Relative to the key of Eb major, what would an F minor chord sound like? What function would it serve?
  14. What are the weak beats in a measure of 4/4?
  15. What happens in a plagal cadence in regards to the chords?
  16. In a minor scale, which scale degrees from its major counterpart are lowered a half-step?
  17. What is a whole tone scale?
  18. What makes up a dominant 7 chord?
  19. What is the most important beat in 3/4 time?
  20. Finally, which chord tone is lowered by a half-step to make a major triad into a minor triad?

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Quiz topic: How much music theory do I know?