ballet theory exam

there might be people stronger than you at ballet theory but don't worry.Keep on learning.On one day you might become an expert at ballet theory it will be great.

I have been a teacher for alot of years at a dance studo so don't be shy if you want to be one the be one you don't need to be a taxi driver don't you

Created by: Tracey xie of tracey
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  1. In a full plie what suld be clearly shown on the way down?
  2. what does pique mean?
  3. what is he correct height of petit battement?
  4. what is the ballet term for neckof the foot
  5. what is the meaning of en cloche?
  6. what is the correct placement of the foot in releve devant?
  7. what is ment by petit retires?
  8. what does serre mean
  9. what is a fouette battement?
  10. what is the highest point of futte battement
  11. what is the meaning of coupe,fouette,raccourci
  12. what is a sissonne ordinaire
  13. what constites a sissinonne double
  14. what are the movements of a sissonne double over?
  15. what is the meaning of ballone?
  16. what does tombe mean?

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