What Ballet Company Do You Belong In?

There are a ton of ballet companies out there, but some are world renowned as the best. They each have very different styles, philosophies, and superstars, even though they're all great.

Which ballet company is the best for you? The stately and classic Mariisnky? The creative and bold Bolshoi? The sharp and original Royal? The neoclassical NYCB? The lush and immersive American Ballet Theatre?

Created by: Anastasia
  1. if you could live anywhere, you would live in...
  2. What style of ballet is your favorite?
  3. Which role would you most want to dance?
  4. What is most important in ballet?
  5. Do you prefer story ballets?
  6. Do you thrive in the face of competition?
  7. Do you think ballet companies should all only hire from one school?
  8. Which dancer do you admire most?
  9. Do you only want to work in pointe shoes?
  10. What do you wear to company class?

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Quiz topic: What Ballet Company do I Belong In?