Would you get into the Royal ballet school?

Almost every little girl will lie awake at night and dream of being the elegant ballerinas on their toes in pretty dresses and tiaras! As you get older, fewer have that wish, but the ones who have a true love and talent for ballet still have it. The Royal ballet school is one of the best schools in the world, and to make it in the professional world of ballet, RBS is the place to train!

Do you still have this dream, and gaze in awe when you see ballet dancers on stage? Do you imagine yourself going to the Royal Ballet School? Do you have the perseverance, the elegance and the specific body needed to have a career in this well known dance genre? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Izzy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Rate how much you love ballet (10 is love it, 1 is hate it)
  2. In your ballet class/es how would you describe yourself?
  3. How many of these do you have: •Natural flexibility •Natural turnout •Natural good arch of the foot •Natural stage presence •Natural elegance
  4. Describe your legs.
  5. Describe your torso.
  6. How many ballet classes do you take a week?
  7. Have people told you that you're a natural dancer or something similar?
  8. The thing your best at in ballet is...?
  9. Do you dance more with your feet (technique) or your heart (passion)?
  10. Have you ever auditioned for any of the Royal Ballet School courses?

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