How much do you know about ballet?

I love watching and reading about ballet, it's so beautiful and elegant. This quiz is for ballet fans who like researching ballet in their spare time, and know lots of facts about it.

Even if you don't know much about ballet but are still interested in it,now could be a great time for you to find out some stuff about it. At the end, when you can look back on your answers and see which you got right or wrong, I put a fact by each question so you can learn something from each question if you don't know it already. If you want to take this quiz, good luck and have fun!

Created by: Izzy

  1. Which French King played the Rising Sun in Le Ballet de la nuit?
  2. Vestris was a famous ballerina of the late 18th century, know for his energetic jumps. What was his first name?
  3. What is the ballet name for a spin or turn?
  4. In a ballet performance what is the corps de ballet?
  5. What is the minium number of layers a tutu has to have?
  6. Which composer wrote the music for Petipa's Swan Lake?
  7. Who was a argot Fonteyn's ballet partner when she danced in The Firebird?
  8. Which of these excercises do you do at the barre and not the centre?
  9. What is rosin?
  10. Which ballet do the Wilis feature in?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about ballet?