The Ultimate Ballet Quiz {Super Difficult}

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Everyone loves ballet, whether they only see the Nutcracker once a year or they’re in class every day. But not many people know the history behind the intricate technique that looks so effortless onstage.

Do you think you’re a ballet expert? This quiz will ask questions about ballet technique, ballet history, and various different classical ballets. It’s pretty difficult, but if you get a high score you'll know for sure: you’re a certified ballet expert!

Created by: vasilisa vasilyevna

  1. Which of these ballets was NOT choreographed/revived by Marius Petipa?
  2. Who was Agrippina Vaganova?
  3. Which school of ballet technique prizes high leaps and effortless jumping upper bodies combined with serene arms and expressive mime?
  4. Which ballet heroine has a variation which she dances at her own wedding?
  5. Which of these is NOT one of the acts in Balanchine's Jewels?
  6. What is an emboîté?
  7. Which of these is NOT petit allegro?
  8. What is a "ballet blanc”?
  9. In what Petipa ballet did the practice of performing 32 fouettés originate in 1893?
  10. Which position of the feet is rarely used in classical ballet, and generally then only for character dance?
  11. Everyone knows Odette and Odile of Swan Lake are portrayed by the same ballerina, but there are other ballets in which the ballerina portrays two characters. Which of these roles are NEVER played by the same ballerina?
  12. Which of these correctly lists the parts of a pointe shoe?
  13. Who is Princess Florine?
  14. What two New York-based ballet companies are considered to be the foremost in American ballet?
  15. True or false: in a pique, a dancer plies up onto the standing leg.

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