Do you know about the fundamentals of ballet?

Hi there! Ballet is such a beautiful art form, and these are just the basics. If you knew about the truth of being a ballerina,you know that it is nothing but hard, hard, hard work. They make it look so effortless and beautiful, but the behind the scenes is nothing but that.

Are you a ballet expert? In this quiz you will find out, can you answer these basic facts including meaning, culture and backround. Good luck, and thanks for taking this quiz!

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  1. What is a pirrouette?
  2. What language are most ballet words?
  3. How many positions are there?
  4. What does port de bras mean? (don't look the answer up)
  5. What is a passe and what does it mean?
  6. What is special about Misty Copeland?
  7. What do ballet dancers use for support while dancing?
  8. Can men be ballet dancers?
  9. What is turnout?
  10. What is the most common foot position in ballet?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about the fundamentals of ballet?