Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You ?

In this quiz you will find out which Vampire Diaries character are you. By responding your answers to the questions in the quiz. If you want accurate results please be truthful.

Hope you will like my quiz. I worked very hard on it and on its questions. I love The Vampire Diaries series soo I wanted to make something that's connected to the series­čî╣.

Created by: Rea T. of You can follow me on instagram
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  1. Are you female or male ?
  2. Your friend are in danger and you want to help them but if you help your friends you will be in prison for the rest of you life instead of them. Will you help them escape or will you save yourself ?
  3. You and you friend are both vampires. But neither your friend or you want to be vampires, soo you found a cure for vampirism. But its enough for only one person, what would you do ? Would you take the cure and never talk to your friend again ? Or would you give the cure to your friend and stay a vampire for the rest of you life ?
  4. Which characteristics do you mostly incline to ?
  5. What's you type that you fall in love with or usually are attracted to yourself ?
  6. How would you dress up ?
  7. When it comes to forgiving you would ... ?
  8. What type do you hate the most ?
  9. Are you a family person ?
  10. Who do you care for the most ?
  11. Sorry, but I have to ask. Stefan or Damon ?
  12. Ok, one last question: Elena or Katherine.

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Quiz topic: Which Vampire Diaries Character am I ?