Which TVD/TO character are you?

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Find out which character you are on the popular TV dramas: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Are you fierce like Klaus, loving like Elena, or just an ordinary guy like Matt?

Perhaps your now strong like Caroline, or uncontrollable like Damon. Either way this quiz will help pinpoint the character you are most like this this television universe.

Created by: Jakhob Clady
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  1. How do you spend a normal day
  2. What do you wear on a normal day
  3. Someone attacks one of your loved ones. How do you respond?
  4. Which of these would you most like to be?
  5. What is the most important to you?
  6. Who is your favorite Original?
  7. Oh no you died with vampire blood in your system. Do you complete the transition
  8. You've just discovered you're from a werewolf bloodline. Do you take a human life to activate your curse?
  9. You are a supernatural being. How many people have killed?
  10. Who is Elizabeth Forbes to you?
  11. You're a new baby vampire. What do you do first?

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Quiz topic: Which TVD/TO character am I?