which "the vampire diaries" character are you?

hi i know that no ones gonna take this but hi, this quiz tells which tvd character u are out of elena, stefan, damon, caroline, bonnie, klaus, rebekah, katherine & elijah now i'm gonna type random letters to fill space...


Created by: maddie
  1. out of what is listed down below, what is a good quality you'd say you are?
  2. out of what is listed below, what is a bad quality you'd say you are?
  3. which supernatural creature would you want to be?
  4. pick something important from the tvd universe
  5. which character would you pick as your love interest?
  6. gender?
  7. what is your favorite iconic line/quote?
  8. what was your favorite season of tvd?
  9. what do you put first in your life?
  10. which character would you like to tam up with?
  11. what's your favorite color?
  12. favorite tvd ship?

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Quiz topic: Which "the vampire diaries" character am I?