First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 13

I feel lazy tonight so story seemed kinda fluffy and sloppy to me but I hope you like and will stay tuned thanks so much for people that did! I like fudge I like cheese aron

If you've ever seen VAmpire diaries you could say that Ryan is kinda like Stefan and Chris kinda like Damon, yea random stuff i needa fill this out....

Created by: scumbag

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  1. You’d glance at Rene and you knew she wasn’t feeling sorry for you anymore. All this time you thought Ryan really had abandoned you, turns out he does have a place for you too even though Rene was still the prettiest, the funniest, the cutest, the center of attention. You were glad though that Rene was there and somewhat shy which had never happened to you before. Rene and you had kind of accepted each other; she was a pretty funny and good friend too. You liked her and she was ok with you although she was still the first one you see with Ryan. But it had become pretty normal now and nothing special happens between them. You start smiling more.
  2. By now you two knew a lot about each other and Ryan had already told you and only you who his crush is. It was Lily and you had kept your mouth shut. You were glad that he didn’t say Rene for some reason. As you watch carefully, he does kind of hang around her at times. That never did bother you much.
  3. You haven’t seen Chris for weeks already now. But you always heard bits of talking from the seventh grade girls that he’s been on a vacation in Hawaii and wouldn’t be back for long. He’ll have a lot to catch up on especially for the big test. He also kinda had a girlfriend, the wavy haired girl. Her name was Jessica and damn she was pretty. She was very good with makeup and clothes and you could tell that she was top chicks of the seventh grade. Of course there’s tons of other pretty girls too but the fashion queen was her and she seemed pretty nice.
  4. Cross country would soon be starting on October 12th and you had signed up. You found out that so had Ryan. Ryan said he was going to do football but that was in second semester. You also hear that Chris was coming back on October 12th too. He was in cross country and Jessica planned to be at every cross country meet to stand by his side. Rene preferred to stay home and go to her mom’s school groups that happened every Thursday. You needed to join this, you just felt like it ever since you ran the mile. 8th place out of 56 people.
  5. You realized something. Without Mandy you weren’t slowing down like back in grade school where you decided to wait for her. You decided that waiting for a friend was better than running out your guts in some stupid run. But this time you didn’t have to wait for Mandy. And you liked the competition feeling.
  6. You called home, “Mom, come pick me up at 4:50 ok? Thanks bye.” You run into the girls room to change into a t-shirt and long sweatpants. Several other girls were there a whole ton of them were seventh and eighth graders, you could only pick out two sixth grade girls that were on cross country as you were. Four other sixth grade girls were doing tennis.
  7. “Erin,” Ryan says behind you. You jumped again. Your face flushed pink. “Why are you by the girls room pervert?” you ask. “I was walking towards the door dummy,” he says and thumps you on the head. Door 8 was straight across from the girls room. You follow him outside. Coach Dennis and Coach Millie were out on the field waiting for the cross country runners. The two sixth graders and a few seventh graders were already there. The eighth and seventh graders were with Coach Millie. You got Dennis and a guy turns around. You recognize his face. Chris. He squints in the sun and then grins at you. You smile back at him. “You there! What’s your name young man!” Dennis calls to Ryan.
  8. “Ryan,” he replies. “Ryan, you need to go change out of your jeans, gym shorts or sweatpants only!” He looks down and actually seemed a bit embarrassed. “You coulda told me,” he grumped as he ran passed you. “Sorry,” you mumble. You didn’t really see that. As he leaves Chris walks up to you and asks, “So, how everything going without your mentor here?” “Pretty good actually. Very good especially without you. I survived,” you reply. He nods. “What’d you do in Hawaii?” you ask. “Oh just met some pretty Hawaii girls, I’ve got one of them’s number phones,” he says with a long look on his face. You stare at him. “Hey, just kidding!” he says and laughs. “What else did you do?” you ask. He shrugs, “Meh… surfed a few waves.” “You surf?!” you ask him. “Sure,” he says. “Neat!” you say. He changes the subject. “You ready for running?”
  9. “Totally,” you say putting on your determined face.“I doubt it,” he snorts. You stomp on his foot. “You’ll see,” he moans as you put more pressure on. He leaves to his team just as Ryan comes running back in shorts. Coach Millie was leading the former runners to the kickball field leaving behind a few seventh and sixth graders with Dennis.
  10. “Alright, you guys are all new right?” Dennis asks. A sea of nodding heads dappled in sunlight. “All right, when you’re on my team, you push it over the top, you hear?” A sea of nodding heads again. “I want you to say, YES COACH or NO COACH when I ask you something,” he says. “YES COACH!” everyone including you shouted. “Now, when you’re on my team, if I see you lagging or not listening, you gimme twenty you hear?” “YES COACH.” “When I say twenty, I mean 15 good ones with 5 one handed ones.” “YES COACH.” “You don’t always win, but you never give up, YOU HERE!?” “YES COACH!” the kids screamed at him. “Great, now go run two laps around that kickball field.” “YES COACH!” and they all take off. You were actually pumped up about this. You wanted to do this right. For some reason, you did not want to disappoint Coach Dennis. You sprinted ahead of everyone forgetting that Ryan was behind you.
  11. You were the first done with your two laps and come at Coach’s feet like an eager dog. He smiles a smile of approval. Your heart leaps. “Go and grab a mat from the equipment room by the girls locker and go into the wall climbing room. You bound inside and grab a mat and go into the wall climbing room. You were amazed at the height of the wall, the ceiling was very high and the ropes were tempting. You drop your mat and run over to the wall. You grab the wall and was about to climb when someone comes bursting in. “Jeez, Erin!” Ryan shouts to you, his voice echoes in the loud room.
  12. “Don’t climb that, you’ll fall,” he says. “So what, mind your own business.” “No, you get down,” he says coming over, grabbing your waist which surprises and throws you off as he picks you off the wall like peeling a sticker. “Don’t touch me!” you shout at him as soon as you jump out of his arms.
  13. “Yeah man, don’t touch her,” Chris says as he comes in with his mat. Ryan and Chris glare at each other. “You wanna go up there?” he asks. You nod eagerly not really caring about what was going on. “Then I’ll send you up there,” Chris says grinning, “We got time, Coach is waiting for this slow kid.” He straps a harness on you. Ryan jumps in and says, “Back off.” “You back off you punk,” says Chris shoving Ryan back. But Ryan didn’t even budge. “What are you doing? You can’t do this, she’s never done this before and we’re gonna get in trouble. What do you want with her anyway?” “Hey, she says she wanna climb, she climbs, she says she don’t wanna, then she don’t but she said she wanna so trust me, I ain’t gonna drop her.” Chris had already hooked up himself and you. He nods at you. You start climbing. He belays your rope and you were getting higher and higher and then you look down. You give a yelp. Your right foot goes up and tries to step onto the one of those climbing grips, but it happens so fast. Your shoe slips and your whole body falls off of the wall. You give a scream as your rope slides down a foot or two. Your head rams into the wall scraping off some of your forehead. You hold onto the rope and suddenly you stopped right there hanging in mid air. You look down and there’s Ryan holding onto the rope in front of Chris. He was holding onto all your weight while Chris was madly tightening the rope. Ryan and Chris slowly lower you down.

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