250 Years Without You Part 9

Hey. Part 9. Slow release, I know, I'm usually faster than this. Life has been a bit busy. Super busy. I found out my other series got deleted. Supposedly 'by it's creator'. BS. Sorry :x Excuse my language. Well there's nothing I can do about it.

I hope you enjoy this. October Break is now here so I have more time to do a lot of stuff. A new Forever 21 store is opening. Definitely a perk. Waiting on the Vampire Dairies. Love that Joseph Morgan. KLAUS+CAROLINE FOREVERR. Fangirl moment xD

Created by: Ivoryleaf
  1. "Let's go to the library," a little smile played on his lips, putting one finger there mischievously. It made me giggle even more as he pulled me the opposite direction.
  2. Wide french doors guarded the books. I caught a glimpse of light. Realizing something, I pulled Adric back. "You can't go in there," I reminded him. "Why not?" he shrugged. "There's sunlight." He chuckled. "What?" I took a step back. "The glass is temper proof. Meaning UV rays can't pass through. You, on the other hand, can walk wherever you want," his dazzling eyes winked down at me. Adric nodded towards the door and pulled me in. The first ray of light hit me and I felt a warmth; almost like the one I had felt with the stranger in the forest. The shining, old fashioned, floor to ceiling book shelves were lined around thee four immense walls. There were correlating ladders adjoined with the shelves. I've never went on one so of course I raced to the nearest on and climbed up, reading the titles of the timeless books placed there.
  3. Adric was rested comfortably in a chair, his expression unreadable as he watched me. I gasped as I picked up a book. "Flowers to Algernon?" "Yeah, they have everything. Even the classics. Though the text is kind of hard to read; they're fading out," he nodded. I grinned but didn't open the book. I glanced at the washed out cover and gently put it back into it's place. There were other new books around it and I was almost afraid to see what would happen. A title caught my eye but it was positioned too far from my ladder. Bending over, my weak foot slipped and with my fast reflexes, I pushed off so my chin of any part of my body won't jam against the ladder. I shut my eyes as I felt my body gaining speed, dropping to the floor. The time seemed endless. I felt Adric's arms encase me and pull me down so we won't fall over. "Thanks," I hugged onto him tightly, his heartbeat rivaling mine. He let go quick enough and picked me along with him. We traveled along the vast room, playing a game where we picked the most interesting titles.
  4. "Do you know what it's like to love?" He popped the question up. He probably saw the pain flash in my eyes because he quickly embraced me into a hug again. "I..I didn't mean to. It's alright," he rested his weight on me, soft and subtle. "I know," my voice cracked. The image of my past boyfriend happened to pass my mind. "You're always afraid of losing them. It's a battle enough to tell your feelings and but it's a war to keep them with you. You're always wondering if they're happy enough with you, if they reciprocate your feelings." "It sound hard," Adric took a step back. I smiled tenderly. "But it's the best thing you could know. Knowing that somebody knows that you're there, feeling your heartbeat quicken just at the thought of them. Thinking of them when you're supposed to be concentrating, smiling secretly to yourself when no one is looking. Love is everywhere," my throat threatened to close off. Did he ever miss me?
  5. "Then is it weird to feel this way?" Adric made me face him. I was puzzled at what he asked before he tipped my chin up and rested his lips on mine. Tingles shot through me as we kissed, slowly and softly. He tasted like cherries and the soft goodness he is. I gently pushed him back and looked around to see if anyone was there. No one. "So did you learn to kiss in the books?" I joked, a devilish smirk crossing my lips. "No. It felt almost natural. Like I've done it before," he shrugged, unable to suppress the grin. I laughed lightly and tiptoed as I pecked his smooth lips. His gray eyes flicked to the antique grandfather clock behind me. "I have to go. Extracurriculars. I want to get out there soon." "See you soon," I waved as he walked out casually.
  6. My head felt lightheaded as I walked around the library vacantly. A soft breeze played on my hair. A small surprised gasp escaped past my parted lips and I noticed a window, slightly ajar. Sneakily, I glanced around the empty room, seeing as to no one was there to see me. Temptation swept over me and with a gulp, I pushed the window wider. The warm wind tickled my skin and for the first time, I realized how pale I was. Almost unhealthy looking. One leg stepped out the window and I quickly jumped outside, leaving the window slightly open so I could get in later. I almost laughed aloud as I danced across the lush grass. The forest was behind, a small pond there. It was the perfect image of paradise, not what I had expected a 150 years ago. Perhaps it was my imagination because I heard soft music playing around. Feeling curious, I walked around, finding no source to the soft strumming of a guitar.
  7. "Hi," I popped around the tree when I saw the stranger from last night. He was leaning against the tree, playing the strings on his guitar in an entrancing way. His dark hair gleamed in the sunlight, turning into a mellow brown. "Hello to you too." his eyes never strayed from the bird he was tracking. "What's your name again? I didn't catch it last night," I took a seat beside him. "You didn't catch it because I didn't give it out," he replied smartly. "It's William. Old fashioned name." I smiled when he gave in and introduced himself. "Well I'm ___________." "Like I didn't know that." "What did you say?" "It's not hard to read your mind. Like I said, you probably didn't learn how to mask your thoughts and your aura." I made a note in my mind to ask Vella or Dr. Cooper about it. "How are you out here?" the thought came to mind. Why couldn't Adric come out? "Can I not be?" "I mean, you're...out." "Obviously." "In sunlight," I finished my sentence. William was acting so careless right now. "I'm a...what would you say? Sort of like an Unbound. Sort of," his the dark blue in his dark gray eyes were sort of an enigma. "What's an Unbound?" So far I know that there are Synthetics, Unbounds and a Solune. He took a breath. "They aren't bounded. They aren't slaves to the sun, meaning they can walk. I'm sort of like one," he said coyly. "Sort of?" "Sort of." he winked and continued playing his soft melody.
  8. "Aren't you wondering about the guitar? You can't find any these days." he gestured to the instrument in his hand. "I know what it is." "Of course you do." "So where did you get it if you can't get one these days?" "My grandfather saved it for me. Well, actually, I snuck it out," his sharp accent was tinged with wistfulness. I chuckled softly. He sort of sat up straighter. "I think you should go now. They're looking for you," one long finger tapped his ear. "How can you hear them?" I gave him an incredulous look. "I'm older than you think," he let out a grin. I dashed back and climbed in before they know that I was out. I locked the window and went to my room, where everyone can find me. My eyes were droopy so I climbed onto my bed and decided to take a nap.
  9. An inviting blow of fresh night air came to my senses. My window was opened. That's weird. It's locked and I don't have a key. I shrugged, went to the bathroom and dabbed cold water on my face to wake me up. I tied my hair into a high bun and went out. Maybe being nocturnal is one of the hidden perks of a Solune. With William on my mind, I fast walked to the little creek from last night. An almost silent scream split the air and reverberated through me. A scream I made when I got 'turned'.

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