250 Years Without You Part 8

Hey boo :) I hope you enjoy reading this. It didn't take me very long because I just wanted to update. Which means this is a short part. Sorry about that :(

Are people so bored they're reading my series? Oh wow xD Nobody seems on anymore D: Well, I'll just sit here waiting for something to happen, listening to my new songs B)

Created by: Ivoryleaf
  1. "You're a long way from home, aren't you?" A crisp accent stated.
  2. I jumped a little, mostly from the cold, frigid air. Only darkness surrounded me. It's not the first time I've heard voices but this was getting me paranoid. A rustle sounded behind me, making me stand up full straight, my senses alerted. Another chill traveled up my spine, goosebumps on my frosty skin. The moonlight revealed a tall figure, in a powerful stance. It emitted a low growl. Seriously considering screaming, I ran further back into the woods, safe in the trees. My heartbeat filled my ears and I tried to calm it down. Haunting visions of being trapped against the pale yellowing walls and having the blood drained out of me. I remembered it vividly, the feeling of the color leaving my skin, the emptiness of my veins, the chilly air. I gulped and turned around. A sniffing noise sounded and I tried not to trip on the roots as I dashed deeper and deeper.
  3. "It's not safe out here," the same voice whispered. He'd dragged me behind a tree, encasing my back to his chest as he scoured the woods. "They can smell you. Obviously, you haven't learned to mask your aura," his husky accent filled my ears. I softened, breaking free of his grip. "Are you...," I began. He nodded. His dark gray eyes were entrancing as they locked onto mine. I felt like prey, once again. It was the borderline of black around the outside of his eyes, and brilliant aqua piercing the rims of his pupils. His elegantly messy black hair fell onto his forehead.
  4. "You should go," he pushed me in a general direction. His sharp scent filled my nose, bringing me warmth. I broke eye contact and stumbled forwards. I noticed a rip in my skin, at my lower arm. Leaning against a tree, I examined it. My fresh blood tinged the air. I sniffed it, almost tasting the metallic feeling. "I told you she's not ready yet," the gentle accent became a bit harsh. I froze, realizing I hadn't gone too far. "Seems ready to me," another voice drawled out. The air tensed up. A thud. "Back off. I'm acting on orders." "Orders, eh? Well me too," the stranger snarled. "Ooh, I smell something," he sniffed the air. "You filthy drunkard." Another thud and the sound of someone sliding to the ground. I don't know if I should make a run for it or not. Hiding behind the tree, I felt like a rabbit. The leaves rustled in the wind and he was in front of me again, not the 'drunkard'. "Why are you still here?" he bristled. I stuttered, no words forming on my mouth, nor in my mouth. "Do you feel safe with me?" he brought his eyes down so they could meet mine. I nodded. "Don't. You can't trust anyone but yourself out here. Maybe one day you will. But not in the world today," his voice was hard, striking me with that accent. "But I trust you," I blurted, in the short moments we had had, I felt completely surrounded by warmth, by love. Like family.
  5. He snarled, surprisingly. "How? You have no idea who I am, I don't know you. I'm not what I look like. Nobody ever is. Stop being naive." his hard voice made me flinch.
  6. My back was flat against the tree bark. His eyes raked mine. "I'm never as I seem." He was gone. But before, I swear I caught a glimpse of remorse, shining in his exotic eyes. I shivered and ran back, slipping through the doors. Nobody saw me, I saw nobody. I crept back in my room, changed, and slipped under the duvet.
  7. I clambered to get dressed and ready. No one gave me weird looks, after the episode about my being a Solune. In fact, I saw none of my team members except for Adric. He was casual in his normal uniform. "As you now know, Danae has been transferred to another facility. Also, this class is important." Vella announced in her authoritative voice. Dr. Cooper strode in wearing his lab suit. Pressed starch white. "We have not failed the mission yet. Our executive team will retrieve the heiress, don't worry. As most of you already know, our team has experience the attack of another group. They are Synthetics. But they have been taught wrongly." An eerie hush fell over the space. "They are known as Scapes, messing with our missions. They are wild. They feast on human blood, making them more able, more potent in strength. And they are recruiting any lost Synthetics. They try to get into your minds, make you trust them. They have been plotting against us these past months, since all is calm. We are preparing for the storm."
  8. "Please know that we are training you for combat against them. They will try to capture the Solune," he pointed at me, allowing heads to turn. "Don't let them," his final words echoed in all our minds and he walked out, clipboard in hand. A sort of silent whispering happened. Eyes dashing my way, sneaking glimpses, words splashing over words as they tried to describe me. I ignored them, drowning myself in the presence of Maura and Adric. "Don't listen to them. They're just jealous they've got big hands and abnormally small brains." Maura pointedly snapped, making sure those around us could hear. They got the point and shut up. "Thanks. I thought that people knowing me as the Solune would change stuff for me." "Heck it didn't even change anything, just show how annoying people still are," Maura reassured me. "Besides, being the Solune, you'd probably be kissed at the feet." Adric muttered, his light feathery eyes brushing over the room, daring anyone to say anything to him. "What's the big deal?" "Supposedly, you're supposed to change things for us, whatever it is."
  9. I sighed, suddenly feeling the pressured. My mind wandered back to the mysterious new guy. What was he? A Scape? Was that why he said his message about not trusting anyone? Then why even talk to me? I hate how I know nothing, how everyone else seems to know more. I probably shouldn't tell Dr. Cooper about my meeting. The more I think of it, the more it reminds me of a forbidden love story, where I'm supposed to sneak out. I laughed aloud. Maura and Adric gave me amused glances. The class was dismissed. Adric pulled me back, messing up his blonde hair. "Let's go to the library," a little smile played on his lips, putting one finger there mischievously. It made me giggle even more as he pulled me the opposite direction.

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