Which Original are you most like?

The originals are known to rain terror across the lands, but in reality they really just are people who fell pray to something their parents had bestowed on them without their knowledge.

So, who out of the five are you? Are you Rebekah, the only girl? Or are you the party boy Kol? Maybe you are the arrogant Niklaus, or the moral Elijah. Or would you sacrifice yourself for love like Finn?

Created by: Leonie
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  1. Mystic Falls is celebrating their special Night Of The Comet. Why are you there?
  2. Your biggest flaws would contain which of the following?
  3. Your perfect date would be?
  4. Would you rather be arrogant or naive?
  5. You'd prefer:
  6. Situation: You are in a room with your siblings, what are you doing?
  7. One thing you could take with you on a journey to the end of the world.
  8. Katherine or Elena?
  9. Stefan or Damon
  10. Favorite original?

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Quiz topic: Which Original am I most like?