The Sequel to what color uni corn would you be

Want pictures for my other quiz "What Color Unicorn Would you be?" Then take this quiz and see them. Not much different from the original, but it has pics.

Yes, I know this is just another personality quiz from the original, but it is better, because it has pictures and it is making you a UNICORN! Isn't that great?

Created by: Unikat
  1. What would you rather be doing?
  2. Continued from last question.
  3. What is your favourite colour?
  4. What is your favourite food?
  5. What music do you listen to? (please pick the closest)
  6. Would you rather go to the beach to:
  7. Would you rather hang out:
  8. Would you rather be with:
  9. Would you rather use the instruction manual when building a remote control airplane or just wing it?
  10. Do you love unicorns?
  11. What did you get as a result on the original quiz?
  12. Continued from last question
  13. Will you comment/rate?

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