Are You An Illinoian?

20 question quiz for a true Illinois. Figure out just how Illinois you are. Are you a Chicago Illinois kid or the real deal?! This quiz test your knowledge, language, culture, and overall common sense... Know you corn, Chicago, sports teams, and talk and you will succeed!

Go big or go home! That's what I always say. So see if you have what it takes to be a true Illinois person! So you know your corn, Chicago, I-80's, and sports teams! You better hope so because these next twenty questions will test just how knowledgeable you really are!

Created by: Foster
  1. Many town names in Illinois have a strong _______ influence.
  2. Illinoians have a tendency to _____?
  3. You know the four main professional Illinois team's are.
  4. Chicago is pronounced.
  5. The last governor to disgrace Illinois was?
  6. Did you, is really pronounced?
  7. You know that the phrase "Knee high by 4th of July." applies to.
  8. You have seen a cow before.
  9. The 'S' in Illinois.
  10. People out of state love to hear us say words with the letter _______?
  11. Northern Illinois is considered North of _______?
  12. Pop or Soda
  13. Illinois borders what great lake?
  14. You know that Illinois has seas of ______?
  15. You've been told you end your sentences with unnecessary prepositions. "You coming with?"
  16. "Go cubs go, go cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say ___________"?
  17. The curse of the Billy Goat, applies to what sports team?
  18. Who started the great fire?
  19. Out of staters insist we say.
  20. Joliet State _______
  21. Winter involves

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