How Illinois are You? 2

There are Illinois quizzes and there are ILLINOIS QUIZZES. Some are more comprehensive then others. If you just want a high score without having to know anything, take a different Illinois quiz. But if you're up to a great challenge, try your skill at this quiz. And don't forget to have fun while you're taking it!

There's a lot of diversity in Illinois. There's skyscrapers, suburbs, somewhat small towns (expanding), and maybe even a little farmland left which hasn't been dug up for the next strip-mall yet. You may not know it all, but let's see what you do know about this great state!

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  1. In which part of Illinois is Chicago located?
  2. The dominant color or shade in the Illinois state flag is:
  3. Illinois borders one of the great lakes in North America. Which one?
  4. The state tree of Illinois is the ________. Fill in the blank.
  5. What is the state bird of Illinois?
  6. True / False: The territory of present-day Illinois was a part of the famous Louisiana Purchase of 1803.
  7. In which county is the City of Chicago located?
  8. Like it or not, the former Governor of Illinois is Rod Blagojevich. How is his name pronounced? (Please give the pronunciation that comes closest to the accurate pronunciation)
  9. The correct American English pronunciation for Illinois is:
  10. List the following cities, towns & villages in the geographical order they appear from North to South: (choose the correct order)
  11. True / False: Illinois borders on the Mississippi River
  12. Which one of the following states does NOT border Illinois?
  13. What city is located midway between Chicago and Galena?
  14. "Chicago" is properly pronounced _________.
  15. Who was the first mayor of the City of Chicago?
  16. In what year did Illinois become a state?
  17. What is the State Flower of Illinois?
  18. Which one of the following is not an expressway in northern Illinois?
  19. The liscense plate slogan for the State of Illinois has been (since 1954):
  20. Which of these attractions was located in Rockford, IL ?
  21. Illinois is known as:
  22. Were you visiting the great State of Illinois, which attraction might you be able to find in this state?
  23. True / False: Technically, Illinois is really not a "state" but a "commonwealth."
  24. Which Illinois city is closest to St. Louis?
  25. True / False: The rock Band "Cheap Trick" is from Illinois.
  26. Which city is closer to Milwaukee?
  27. There's a museum in Illinois which is a recreation of the first Mc Donalds restaurant. Where is it located?
  28. The last year the Cubs won a World Series was in:
  29. Which one of the following is not an Illinois State Park?
  30. Which denomination / association of churches has its headquarters in the state of Illinois?
  31. Before Chicago was, what existed by the Chicago River?
  32. True / False: When one thinks of professional football, one thinks of the Chicago Packers!
  33. A famous outdoor sculpture in downtown Chicago is called the:
  34. True / False: Illinois does not have any toll roads.
  35. Al Capone
  36. There's a baseball organization on the south-side called:
  37. Which current building was once the Palace of Fine Arts from the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893?
  38. The great American President Ronald Reagan had a boyhood home in:
  39. In what year was the devastating Chicago Fire?
  40. Although altered by linguistic influences, the name "Illinois" was:

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