Which Vampire Diaires Character are you?

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Are you a Brave-hearted Witch or a Selfless Vampire? By taking this quiz, you'll figure out which Vampire Diaries character you are most like and why!

The results will either be Katherine Pierce, Jeremy Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett, Matt Donavan, Tyler Lockwood, Elena Gilbert or Caroline Forbes.

Created by: Maicie Forrest

  1. Which color appeals to you most?
  2. What would you study at college?
  3. Which best describes you?
  4. What is your favorite eye color?
  5. What is your favorite paranormal creature?
  6. Which Highschool stereotype do you identify with?
  7. What time period do you belong in?
  8. What is your favorite tv show? (Besides TVD (;)
  9. Best accessory?
  10. What is your favorite activity?

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Quiz topic: Which Vampire Diaires Character am I?