How Well Do You Know Bizzy Bone?

This is the official How well do you know Bizzy quiz. There have been many others, but not like this. Test your knowledge on his music, background and more.

Please answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. Don't go researching any answers. This is to test your wit on Bizzy and at times Bone. Are you up to the task? Lets go!

Created by: Ashanti of Bizzy's Story
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  1. What is Bizzy's middle name?
  2. How old was he when he first wrote his first record?
  3. What was the name of that record?
  4. How did he get the name Bizzy Bone?
  5. What is Bizzy's first child name?
  6. Bizzy is often referred to as the "____" of the group.
  7. It was Bizzy's rap that led them to signing with Eazy-E
  8. Bizzy's first single with Eazy-E
  9. Bizzy's song on Art Of War
  10. How old was he when his first CD dropped?
  11. It was Krayzie who was going to be electrocuted, Bizzy who had plenty ammunition and poppin off cops and Lay who was the one disguised as the preacher in "Down 71"
  12. Bizzy was the only member of Bone who actually recorded with Tupac?
  13. Bizzy's stepfather name is?
  14. Which magazine article featuring Bone was Bizzy not interviewed in because his father was in his death bed?
  15. What are Bizzy's sister's names?
  16. Bizzy's second single off A Song For You
  17. Who submitted his picture to John Walsh?
  18. How old was he when he was kidnapped?
  19. What's Bizzy's biological father name?
  20. What was Bizzy's first gun and what was its name?
  21. How old was Bizzy when he left his rap on Layzie's bed that afternoon?
  22. Bizzy cut his hair bald in 2003?
  23. Who was his main girl in "Thugz Cry" video?
  24. Which Bone member was not in "Thugz Cry" video?
  25. Which CD had a secret track?
  26. The last CD Bizzy recorded with Bone?
  27. Which 7th sign member were featured on more Bone songs than other members?
  28. Bizzy has released more songs with this label than the rest?
  29. Which rapper did Bizzy win a freestyle battle against?
  30. What year was Bizzy officially kicked out the group?
  31. Which of these was not an official Bizzy website?
  32. Bizzy had a cold during the recording of "Shoot em up"
  33. What Mo Thug video(s) did Bizzy officially appear in?
  34. Which soundtrack was Bizzy not featured on?
  35. What was the subheading on Bizzy's cover of the Source 1997 (the one with 4 different covers)
  36. How many CDs has Bizzy dropped as a solo artist excluding Bone Bros?
  37. What year had more Bizzy solo cds to drop than any other?
  38. What Bizzy song sampled Total's "Kissing You?"
  39. What song on E.1999 Eternal did Bizzy not feature on?
  40. Who was said to be Bizzy's idol?

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