Which Member of La Squadra Are You?

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In every powerful organization, there are those who lie in the shadows, the secret arm that enforces the rule of law. La Squadra di Esecuzione is that often-neglected "Bad Batch" that keeps the Italian Mafia in power. Hardy professionals, they take pride in their efficiency to cut the strings that would otherwise jeopardize Passione's control over their racket.

Find out which member of The Hitman Team you are so you can assist them on their ill-fated path to revenge. Just remember their motto: "No member of the group should withdraw their stand even if every bone in their body was broken."

Created by: Quads
  1. Let's start off with a basic question: What's one of your biggest weaknesses?
  2. Let's ask the opposite question: What's your biggest strength?
  3. What's your favorite decade in music?
  4. Who's your least favorite member of Squadra Guardie?
  5. What do you think about teamwork?
  6. What zodiac element is Aquarius?
  7. Which form of the word "asking" is a gerund?
  8. Do you happen to mod one of the La Squadra subreddits?
  9. How much does it take to make you cry?
  10. What would you be the most irrationally defensive about?

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Quiz topic: Which Member of La Squadra am I?