Which Organization Member Are You?

Organizatin XIII has many members with excellent qualities. Some are fun, some are angry, some are smart, some are sneaky. This test matches questions like personality and interests with the best Organization member who matches you.

Ever wonder which Organization XIII member you are? Simply take this quiz to find out! It will only take a few moments, and I'm sure you will be pleased with your results. =)

Created by: oobi
  1. How would you describe your usual mood?
  2. What's your favorite color and why?
  3. What animal can you most relate to and why?
  4. Would you rather:
  5. Do you get along with the other members?
  6. How would you die?
  7. What's your favorite food?
  8. What would you rather play?
  9. If you weren't wearing a black cloak, what would you wear?
  10. What's your perfect dog breed?
  11. What's your worst habit?

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Quiz topic: Which Organization Member am I?