WHAT member of La Squadra are YOU? Real Quiz.. Real answers.

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You're someone from the infamous assassination squad - I can see it deep inside you. You want to know? You want me to TELL you? Click some buttons to find out. I worked really hard on this.

A personality quiz based on the assassination squad from the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime / Manga: Vento Aureo! It's a bit short, but hopefully it can shed some light on the gangster residing within you! If not, that's fine, it doesn't hurt to check.

Created by: costco sample spoon
  1. Your best friend just got stuck inside a revolving door - to nobody's surprise. What's your first objective?
  2. An enemy team is doing their best to thwart your efforts, sashaying around like they're better than you. They're not, right?
  3. What's in your go-to playlist of funny videos?
  4. After a generous donation from your boss, you've invested your portion of the money towards something incredibly important. Is it...
  5. The world is too stressful.
  6. Your favorite stuffed toy got knocked off the bed... Where could it have landed?
  7. Everyone in the gang is getting together for "team bonding", "go-karting", and "free pizza". What will you bring as a drink to the pizza party?
  8. I've handed you a small animal.
  9. What's your fashion style?
  10. Let's draw!

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Quiz topic: WHAT member of La Squadra am I? Real Quiz.. Real answers.