Just How Powerful Are You, Spiritually?

Lifting weights is an obvious kind of power. Wealth, fame and political clout are also types of power that a person can have in life. This quiz measures something different.

INNER POWER may be more important than any kind of outer status or strength. Inner power might even help you achieve more of the obvious types of power. So what are you waiting for? Use those muscles in your eyes and take this quiz.

Created by: Rose Rosetree of Read People Deeper
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  1. People do what I want them to do:
  2. I enjoy my life:
  3. Knowing what I want:
  4. When other people want me to do things:
  5. My authority in making decisions about spiritual matters is:
  6. What does having spiritual power mean to me?
  7. To develop maximum power in the way that I see people:
  8. Reading the aura, or human energy field:
  9. About 1 in 20 people was born as an empath. That means having at least one gift for directly experiencing what it means to be another person. For an empath to have power means:
  10. As part of my personal development regarding power, the way I relate to time is:
  11. Traveling can help me to have power, so long as I:
  12. Coincidences in daily life:

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Quiz topic: Just How Powerful am I, Spiritually?