How "Green Thumb" Are You?

Is gardening a lost art? To some it may be, but it really is the back-bone of our world. Gardening can be for beauty or for fortitude. Whether you want flowers, food, or BOTH on your table, everyone should be a gardener.

Do you have a "Green Thumb"? You may, but take this quiz to find out. You may be surprised at what your findings are. Until now you could only wonder. So, take the quiz, will you?

Created by: T.S.
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  1. Of the 6 items listed below, which is NOT the name of a flower?
  2. A Daisy is a member of the following family?
  3. What common vegetable is known in its "wild" form as the flower "Queen Anne's Lace"?
  4. What is the difference between a "spice" and an "herb?
  5. What is a perennial?
  6. What is an annual?
  7. What is "Mulch"?
  8. One of the main ingredients in Vitamin C pills is...
  9. Of the following trees, which is NOT a "Conifer"?
  10. Which of the following common plants are HIGHLY poisonous?
  11. Which of the following plants are edible?
  12. Which of the following harm plants?
  13. Do you have a garden?

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Quiz topic: How "Green Thumb" am I?