How Much Do You Know Green Day?

Green Day...the amazing Southern California based band gone big. Some said it was impossible. Some think they've sold out. A true Green Day fan has been with them through and through. From 1039/SOSH to Bullet and A Bible. From California clubs to selling out arenas on the international stage.

Do you think you know what Green Day's songs were inspired by, who was in the original line up, or even the simple stuff like what songs are on what albums? If so, take a whack at it. If not, go take a quiz about American Idol or something...

Created by: amazon
  1. Green Day's original name was:
  2. The song 409 In Your Coffee Maker was inspired when Billie Joe:
  3. Billie Joe Armstrong's real name is:
  4. Green Day's original drummer was:
  5. Mike Dirnt wrote the bass intro to Longview while he was:
  6. Mike owns a resturant called 'Rudys Cant Fail Cafe`'
  7. Disappearing Boy is on:
  8. Mike Dirnt's real name is:
  9. American Idiot was written after the originally planned album 'Cigarettes and Valentines' was:
  10. This quiz was about:

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Green Day?