How well do you know your plants

We all like to admire the beauty of some of the gardens that people put their heart and soul into for all to enjoy, but how knowledgable are you when it comes to botany and how it can be used to create the perfect garden?

Are you a botanist extraordinaire or do plants wither when you walk past them? There is more to life than having a venus fly-trap sitting on your kitchen window sill! Try this great quiz and see if there is a real green-thumb waiting to emerge or are you a shrinking violet that should really stick to the plastic plants and flowers that you know will never die on you!

Created by: Gina Ramsay
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  1. The Myrtle Wattle goes by what botanical name
  2. The Tropaeolum Majus is a well-known climbing or trailing annual which is cultivated mainly for its ornamental qualities, but sometimes can be used for its spicy, peppery-tasting leaves, seeds and flowers. The leaves are eaten in sandwiches and salads, t
  3. This fruit is ornamental as well as useful. They will grown very well outside their tropical environment if they are planted in a sunny spot in a sheltered garden. They are shallow-rooted and need fertile, well-drained soil with regular watering in summ
  4. The River Red Gum, Messmate, Mealy Stringybark, Swamp Gum and Broad-leaved Peppermint belong to which family?
  5. Orchids are a beautiful flower and come in many variants. What common botanic name do they come under?
  6. Which one of these plants or its seeds is NOT edible?
  7. Which one of these plants is NOT a shrub?
  8. Allocasuarina Littoralis is the botanic name for what beautiful tree?
  9. Monstera Deliciosa is a vigorus climber with aerial roots which cling to masonry, and with large, round but deeply divided leaves. Also useful as indoor plant in large pots or tubs. Arum-type yellow flowers develop into long, cylindrical fruit with a de
  10. Last, but not least a real hard one! Each state of Australia has a flower representing it. I am from Victoria, so what is my flower?

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