Photosynthesis quiz

That is the purpose of this section, here you are going to learn about the photosynthesis process, and also about plants. The photosynthesis proces is very important in our world and is good taht you understand the process.

Hello, in this section you'll find some answers to questions about the photosynthesis process, also you'll have the possibility to answer mentally other questions about plants. In other sections you'll see if your answers were right or not. Let's check it!!!!!

Created by: Cecy
  1. what do plants need to grow?
  2. How dou you know if a plant is healthy?
  3. what happen when a plant grows in a dark place?
  4. What happen hen a plant grows with no water?
  5. What is the opposite reaction of photosynthesis?
  6. Grass does not grow as quickly during the winter as it does during the summer. What could be a reason for this?
  7. What job does the steam of the plant Do not do?
  8. Which part makes food for the plant?
  9. What job do the roots of a plant DO NOT do?
  10. Why would keeping one plant in the fridge and one on the windowsill not be a fair test or how temperatures affects the grow of plants?

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