Are you a stalker?

Do you follow people? find out if you do by taking this stalker quiz! I follow people ya know? I like it stalk stalk surprise! and then they'll jump! and then you quickly run before they can kill you!

Are YOU a stalker? Are you the stalk master of stalkers and stalkers? You wonder and wonder by my questions. Take this quiz and find out if your the King or Queen of stalkers! Take it right now!

Created by: Jocelyn
  1. Do you follow strangers?
  2. Do you follow any of your family members around?
  3. Do suprise a lot of people like make them scared like jumping out of nowhere?
  4. Do you THINK your a stalker?
  5. Do you spy on people?
  6. How many people have you ever made jump up in suprise?
  7. Did you like this quiz? *will not affect answer*
  8. Do you hate me? (im a girl)
  9. Is this quiz boring?
  10. Are you ready to see your result?

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Quiz topic: Am I a stalker?