The sweetest quiz ever

So, heres a test about me. Thats it. Oh, and whoever gets the highest score gets a sweet special surprise. It might be candy, or money, or whatever else you may want. its 25 question so if you get bored thats your fault.

SOoooooo, yep. This is a quiz. Sorta boring, maybe, i dont know, i dont have to take it. So. Have fun. Dont do drugs. Stay in school. Use protection. ummmmmm, thats about it.

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  1. When did I move to Perry?
  2. Where did I go for vacation last summer?
  3. Who is my #1 hero?
  4. How many B's on a report card have I had in my life?
  5. What is my favorite shower?
  6. What is my personal best in Cross Country?
  7. What was my prerace ritual for swimming?
  8. What award have I gotten in tennis the past 3 years?
  9. Of these people, who have i known the longest?
  10. What is my favorite ice cream?
  11. Which of these sports have I not played in middle or high school?
  12. What year did I win the Ritley Run?
  13. How many times have I snuck out of school to get food at Sheetz and Zeppis?
  14. What is my favorite Animated Disney Movie?
  15. What is my favorite song?
  16. What car do I drive?
  17. What is my favorite food?
  18. Which of these nicknames have I not been called?
  19. What street do I live on?
  20. What is my favorite college basketball team?
  21. Why is my favorite part of swimming?
  22. What is my favorite movie out of these?
  23. What did Zach and I do for a month in Tv pro?
  24. The Final Question: If you get this right you get a special surprise: Who is my favorite Teacher that I have had in school?

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