Who are you in Tokio Hotel?

Many people wonders wich one of there big idols are, in Tokio Hotel. You can't be sure on this kind of quises, if they haven't done it by themselfes,(and I don't think they would tell you if it was them) but it's rather much like who you'd be.

So, who are you in Tokio Hotel? Are you maby Bill, the cheerful singer with the most wonderful looks? Tom, the playful gitarrist who looks like a god? Georg, the basist with the jucy muscels and lovely face? Or Gustav, the drumer with these most sweetest eyes you can imagen? Know you can be abel to find out!

Created by: Thah
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  1. Hey, you got a music room all by your self! What's the first thing you'd like to do?
  2. A really cute girl (guy if you're a girl) walks on the street, your first thing you are thinking about to do is..?
  3. It's morning, the first things you fix on your looks is..?
  4. Your favorit coulor is..?
  5. You've got a day of, what do you like to do?
  6. Wich one of these animals do you have?
  7. Your hair is..
  8. Your eye color is..?
  9. Do you got a colourd hair?
  10. At your head you whant a..
  11. Your name begins with a..
  12. If someone whant's to take a photo on you, you..
  13. If you could discribe yourselfe with one of these words, it would be..
  14. The last one now, who do you like the most? ;P

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Quiz topic: Who am I in Tokio Hotel?