How Well Do You Know Tokio Hotel?

Tokio Hotel may be widely known throughout Europe and even in North America, but do you know them well from just word around the street or from being their fan and learning about them?

How well do you know them?! Are you a fan or just a person familiar with them? See if you know what serious true Tokio Hotel fans know, and what you may didn't know.

Created by: DevilishDays483
  1. Where were Bill and Tom born?
  2. Georg's middle names are what?
  3. How tall is supposedly Bill Kaulitz?
  4. Tom and Bill have a second last name, though are rarely credited with it. What is it?
  5. Tokio Hotel wasn't always Tokio Hotel- their original first band name was...
  6. This famous first single of their's hit #1 on the charts within days of releasing...
  7. Do Georg or Gustav have any siblings?
  8. When did the "1000 Hotels" gig kick off? Where?
  9. Tokio Hotel had their first gigs in North America set in these places...
  10. Tokio Hotel's first American album was what?
  11. [Easy!] What are each of the band members known to look like?
  12. Favorite known artist of Bill's since he was younger?
  13. Tokio Hotel was on TRL on May 6th, 2008 in Times Square, NY.
  14. Bill and Tom took English in school and did almost perfect in it.
  15. "Reden" was a song rumored to be made for this person and for this reason...
  16. Tom and Bill have 1 common best friend. Their name is...
  17. Who is their famously known body guard?
  18. How old are they as of mid 2008?
  19. Bill and Tom's birthday is...
  20. Why did they name themselves "Tokio Hotel"? [Always asked in numerous interviews- they can't seem to just ask another better question.]

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