How well do you know TH?

There are many Tokio Hotel Fans out there, but a few know a lot about them, but some don't. What exactlly is a Tokio Hotel Fan? Some one who appreciates their work, music, decisions, and love them! You don't need to know a lot of them just to be a fan.

This is just a quiz for all TH fans, this is just for fun. But even though you don't know much, you are still a fan, as long as you support them, and lke thier music! Thats all that counts!

Created by: Samantha
  1. Let's start with easy questions, shall we? How old is Tokio Hotel?
  2. Where did Tokio Hotel come up with their name ?
  3. Who is the oldest one form the band?
  4. Are the guys single?
  5. Who is the youngest one of the band?
  6. How many albums have they sold?
  7. What is Bill's favorite song to perform on stage?
  8. How did they come up with the name "Devilish"?
  9. What does Georg sleep in?
  10. How many siblings does Georg have?
  11. EASY! What does Georg play?
  12. How is Georg?
  13. When was he born?
  14. How did Georg meet Gustav?
  15. What color of eyes does Georg have?
  16. How many instruments does Georg own?
  17. How many minutes is Tom older than Bill?
  18. How many peircings does Tom have?
  19. How old is Tom?
  20. When was he born?
  21. Which Olse Twin is Tom's favorite
  22. According to Tom was the worse thing he has done?
  23. How old was he when he got his first kiss?
  24. How old was the girl that gave Tom his first kiss?
  25. How many siblings does Gustav have?
  26. How old his Gustav?
  27. When was Gustav born?
  28. What's Gustav's full name?
  29. What is Gustav's nickname?
  30. EASY: What instrument does he play in Tokio Hotel?
  31. What is one thing that Gustav does that the rest of Tokio Hotel doesn't?
  32. How tall his Gustav?
  33. How old was Bill when he had his first kiss?
  34. What's Bill's dream place to perform at?
  35. How old was Bill when he started to write songs?
  36. Bill is alergic to.......?
  37. What would Bill like to do if for some reason Tokio Hotel broke up? (let's just hope that doesnt happen)
  38. How old was Bill when he got his first tattoo?
  39. He started to wear make-up when he.......?
  40. How long has it been since he has kissed a girl?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know TH?