Do You Know Tokio Hotel Better Than You Think?

There are tons of Tokio Hotel fans all around the world, but few of them are true die-hard fans. What is a die-hard fan? You know everything about them: you know about the band members, you've heard all their songs about a million times, and you will never fall back from fan stage.

Do you know alot about Tokio Hotel? Do you know everything there is to know about them? Or maybe you don't know as much as you think... But in just a few minutes you will find out if you are a true fan or not.

Created by: Rhi
  1. What age did Bill and Tom Kaulitz start performing?
  2. What is Gustav's last name?
  3. What is Georg's last name?
  4. What was the first name that Tokio Hotel had?
  5. What was their debut single?
  6. When did "Durch den Monsun (Through the Monsoon)" reach #15 on German music charts?
  7. What was Tokio Hotel's third music video?
  8. Who is older out of twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz?
  9. Gustav's favorite bands are...
  10. Georg is a fan of...?
  11. Who is Tom's favorite music artist?
  12. Who wrote the song "Shwarz?"

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Tokio Hotel Better Than You Think?