How Well Do You Know Hotel Translyvania?

Many people have sewn or heard about the film Hotel Translyvania but not all are fans of the amazing film. Try this quiz and test your knowledge.

Try this quiz and test your knowledge. Have you read the wiki and been on the social media's? Have fun and enjoy the quiz (This is my first quiz, so hope you like it)

Created by: Little Puppy
  1. What is Dracula's daughter's name?
  2. When was Hotel Translyvania Released (USA)
  3. Who was Martha in the film?
  4. What is Frank's wife's name?
  5. How many kids does Wayne have?
  6. Where is Translyvania?
  7. How old is Mavis in the film?
  8. When did Hotel Translyvania's sequel come out?
  9. What is the phrase used for 'Love at first sight' in the film?
  10. Did you like my quiz (It was my first ever quiz)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Hotel Translyvania?