How well do you know Tokio Hotel?

There are fans, BUT ARE THEY HARDCORE? Take my quiz to find out! I dont think anyone is as hardcore as me (some of my friends are) but who knows? YOU COULD BE THE NEXT TOP FAN!

All you gotta do is take this shaveet quiz. I made it. Its pretty flippin sweet. ya gotta love the progress. Sooo.... TAKE THIS AWESOME QUIZ AND GOOD LUCK!!

Created by: Emilie

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  1. Who are the twins in Tokio Hotel?
  2. What was Tokio Hotel's old band's name?
  3. What is Bill's favorite song on Zimmer 483?
  4. What are Bill's favorite singer/bands?
  5. Who did Bill write the song "Reden" for?
  6. What kind of accent does Bill think is sexy?
  7. What kind of fruit is Georg's favorite?
  8. What contest did Bill get 2nd place in as a kid?
  9. What is Bill's favorite milkshake?
  10. Who is Tokio Hotel's NUMBER 1 FAN?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tokio Hotel?