How Well Do YOU Know SASUSAKU?

we know sasusaku's meant to happen. it HAS to happen. we've seen the character growth, the character development, the character evolvement. we've seen them bond, hate, grow, love, and all... so we know...

SASUSAKU WILL HAPPEN! SASUSAKU MUST HAPPEN IF SO HELP ME I WILL KILL KISHIMOTO!!!! uh, just kidding. but yeah, it is the sweetest among the others (hides from scourging naruhina fans) hm... good luck!

Created by: strawberrytomato of -xemotionallyconstipatedx-
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  1. What episode number did Sakura confess?
  2. What were Sakura's words?
  3. What were the words she said before the actual "IloveYou"?
  4. Which of the following is the TRUE sasusaku doujinshi
  5. What is or rather, when is... SAKURA'S BIRTHDAY...!?
  6. Sasuke translates to or is in accordance to...
  7. sasuhina couldn't happen because...?
  8. sasuhina couldn't happen because...?
  9. sakura means...?
  10. this test is very very easy, ne?
  11. karin should die... unless she's paired up with suigetsu
  12. Long Kiss Goodbye and Lie Lie Lie shouts sasusaku because...?
  13. by saying thankyou, sasuke meant...

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know SASUSAKU?