Does he really love you?

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Hi again! This quiz is to see if the boy you crush on loves you. Maybe he does, maybe not. Like I said on my other quizzes, follow your dreams. But that doesn't mean do what you want to happen.

So, does he love you or not? Does he hate you and wants you out of his life? This quiz will help you. To sure you, this quiz is 100% right. Make sure you check out my other quizzes, "How well do you know Five Nights at Freddy's " and "What Spongebob character are you?"

Created by: Mackinzee Williams

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay, are you ready for these questions?
  2. Here's the first question: Do you think that he flirts with you?
  3. If yes, how does he does it?
  4. How often does he hang out with you?
  5. Does he talk to you every time he passes you in the hall?
  6. In class, does he try to show how smart he is by raising his hand to every question?
  7. Does he point his feet towards you during class if he sits next to you?
  8. If he knows you play any sport, does he go to pratice/game and cheer really loud for you?
  9. Does he show of when you are near?
  10. Do you think he crushes on you?
  11. Is he dating someone?
  12. Are you ready for your results?

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