Does a boy like you quiz

There are many girls who would love to have a boyfriend. But some dreams just don't come true. So if you take this quiz, remember, these answers are VERY true. So, your dream might just come true.

Do YOU want to see if your crush loves you?! Do you have the skills to see if your love TRULY exists?! Well, find out for sure in this lovely quiz that will see if your crush loves you and that you have a relationship!

Created by: Sophie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a feeling that this boy likes you? If so, he might like you.
  2. Has he ever talked to a girl, but doesn't pay attention to her and only you?
  3. How long has he stared at you? (If he's never done this, just click "Skip Question".
  4. Does he talk to you a lot?
  5. When he's around you, does he get nervous?
  6. Does he act differently around you? (Like he is protective around you, but not protective to others)
  7. Has he ever teased you? (If so, this could be a sign that he likes you!)
  8. Do you dream about this boy? (Does not affect answers)
  9. Do you get embarassed when you are around him? (Doesn't affect answers)
  10. Last question: Are you ready to see if he loves you or not?!

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