How in love are you with your crush?

A crush, someone who we all love. Someone who we wish could notice us. Someone who we want to date, everyone loves their crush. Right? You might be wrong.

Do you think that you really do love your crush? Do you think you should get another crush, do you hate your crush? Well that's what this quiz is for!

Created by: Liz

  1. Does your stomach flutter and your heart beat faster when he/she is around?
  2. Do you try to be near him/her?
  3. Your crush asks you to prom, you:
  4. You sit next to your crush during lunch time you:
  5. Rumor has it that your crush likes you, you:
  6. (Doesn't affect your answer, I promise) Is he/she cute or hot?
  7. (This doesn't affect your answer either)Do you think he likes you?
  8. (This one, and the ones after affect your score/answer) If he/she broke his/her arm you would:
  9. Do you daydream about him/her?
  10. Do you really love your crush?

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Quiz topic: How in love am I with my crush?