What's with your crush

Your crush may like you may not. Once you get your score, then you will know. You could be doing everything wrong, or nothing wrong. You might want to something about something.

Does your crush like you? Maybe yes, maybe no, whether or not, nobody knows. This will help you find out. Only you will know. Unless you tell somebody else.

Created by: Peter Carr

  1. Have you kissed your crush?
  2. Do you have a crush
  3. Have you gone out with your crush?
  4. Have you asked if your crush likes you?
  5. Have you given your crush a present?
  6. does your crush know that you like him/her
  7. Does your friends know you have a crush?
  8. Do you have more than one crush?
  9. Have you broken up with a crush?
  10. Does your crush like you?

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Quiz topic: What's with my crush