How Well Do You Know Stacy?

This quiz is about me. See how well you really know me! I promise it's not hard... if you've hung out with me a couple times! So put your thinking caps on... and... yay!

Don't worry if you get stuff wrong... that only means that we have to hang out more! I'll still like you if you answer things wrong. :) WoOo!!! Wow, okay, this thing is getting long. Take the quiz!

Created by: Stacy
  1. What is my middle name?
  2. What is my favorite color?
  3. I go to Southern Virginia University. What's my major?
  4. Who is my favorite composer?
  5. Which of these Adam Sandler movies is my favorite?
  6. My family is moving this summer. Where are we moving to?
  7. Everyone loves cereal! What's my favorite?
  8. Who is my roommate?
  9. What do I do in my spare time @ SVU?
  10. What is my favorite musical?
  11. I have four stuffed animals with me in college. They are my JESSE crew gang away from home; each was given to me by Joana, Emily, Scott, & EZ. What are they?
  12. What color are my glasses?
  13. What's my new favorite ice cream flavor?
  14. For those who have sung with me in the past, this should be an easy one. What voice part do I usually sing?
  15. Who do I call "Aardy"?
  16. Who is my twin?
  17. If I am a goat, who is my goose?
  18. If I am a goat, who is my goose?
  19. How long have I known Kim Tomlin?
  20. What's my favorite fruit?
  21. Last question! Where is my sailor? [:

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Stacy?