are you a stalker?

Do you like to follow people? Do you wonder what your neighbors are doing? Do you wonder if your a stalker? This quiz will tell you if your a stalker or not or how much a stalker you are.

Are you a stalker? Do you have the guts to see the truth about yourself? DO you want to know how much of a stalker you are? Try this quiz and find out. Thank you and have fun.

Created by: inesjustyna
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  1. Do you like to look out your window late at night?
  2. Do you call your friends more then 3 times a day?
  3. do you own a pair of binoculars?
  4. do you peek through people's windows
  5. DO you go through people's garbage?
  6. "do you go through your friends computer to see what they were doin?"
  7. do u tape in people's computer?
  8. Do you feel you should be with your friends 24/7?
  9. do you take picture with your friends everywhere you go?
  10. do you follow people?

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Quiz topic: Am I a stalker?