Are You a Stalker?

Are you a stalker? How would you know? By definition, a stalker is a person who pursues someone by stealthily tracking them. To expand on that, more specifically stalking means to follow or observe someome persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.

If you are a stalker, it is best to find out here and now before they haul you off to prison or a mental institution. We can break it to you more gently than the prison warden or your cell mate who affectionately calls you "hunny bunny."

Created by: Stephanie Partridge
  1. You have a website or blog that you visit regularly...
  2. You know everything about your ex, who he or she is seeing, what they do, where they go when they go out...
  3. You have created aliases so that you can "keep an eye" on someone...
  4. You routinely watch someone, either online, or "through your sources"
  5. The person that you watch regularly has been physically threatened by you...
  6. Not only do you obsessively visit someone's blog, you have set up your own to rebut and "let your own voice be heard?
  7. Have the police ever had to "talk" to you about your activities regarding watching someone?
  8. I have contacted the person's family, friends and even ex's in an attempt to gain information on them...
  9. You have sought out the person's children or young siblings (minors) in an effort to "gain evidence against them."
  10. You fantasize about "making them pay" or "getting them"
  11. You have fabricated lies about the person in an attempt to manipulate or destroy their lives...
  12. When you find out the person has joined a forum or visits a certain website, you sign up too so that you can "watch" them

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Quiz topic: Am I a Stalker?