Do you have a stalker

This will show if you have a stalker. You will be amazed how accurate the results are. This will tell you what kind of stalker you have. Teacher/boss, classmate/co worker, stranger, none, molester, murderer.

Do you have stalker? Do you know who secretly is spying on you.Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to my quiz you will now know. Hope you dont have one but if you do read my parting.

Created by: matt
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  1. Has your teacher/boss made weird gestures?(patting you on the back all the time, constantly saying hi, or suddenly liking you and giving you good grades or extra pay)
  2. Does your co-worker or classmate constantly call you or im you. Do they make obscene gestures at work or school.
  3. Do you often get prank calls with a private number or knocks at the middle of the night and a present.
  4. Do your co-workers,classmates,teachers,or boss give you things the give know one else.
  5. Do your teacher/boss ever call you at random times. Then you call them back because you got a missed call. Then the next day they say I told my wife/husband it would be you.
  6. Do you get gifts mailed from an unknown address.
  7. Do you get weird smiles from your teacher/boss.
  8. Do your co workers or clssmates smile weirdly at you.
  9. Everyone thinks your teacher will molest you.
  10. Do people say your co worker or classmate will molest you.

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Quiz topic: Do I have a stalker